End of Summer Foods

The show has finally been completed. The delay was a result of our recent move and our not being able to find all the video equipment needed to offload the video files.


Had some fun making a poster for an unrelated project and thought, why not post it here since it’s relevant.

3 thoughts on “End of Summer Foods

  1. Okay, so I normally love snow and winter but it is Feb 22 and more is coming and I am sick of it!

    Okay, now that I’ve said that, Pam and I are planning our next show (if we can get around in the snow!) and it will be all about meatballs. We might even have a small segment for a “little” guest!. Hope to have it done and on the air sometime in March – again, if we can get together because of the snow,

    Stay tuned….

  2. I would like to thank you, Lee and Pam, for bringing Sat., and Sun., morning intertainment to me and my Mom, who is 85 yrs. old. We enjoy TIK., so much, laugh at Pam, my Mom telling me, her recipe, on that particular dish, would be done her way. Thanks, ladies, for making me laugh, w/ my Mom, given I live, not kidding, exactly, 100 miles from her, and for my monthly visit or every 3 wk or so, its so nice to bond and look forward to enjoy that time w/ my Mom! Thank-You!!!

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