Authentic Swiss Fondue

Swiss FondueA recipe from Pam’s Swiss friend. Mmmm.

60% of Emmentaler Cheese
30% of Gruyere Cheese
10% of cream cheese softened

Piece of garlic
Kirsch (cherry liquor)
White wine
Spices: paprika, nutmeg, white pepper
French Bread cut in bite size pieces making sure each piece has crust on it

Rub the saucepan or Fondue pot with a cut garlic clove. Be sure to rub entire bottom and up sides. Leave clove in pot and add all of the shredded cheese. Start the pot on a low heat until cheese starts to melt. As cheese melts add white wine little by little. Constantly stir cheese until wine is absorbed and cheese is smoothed. Add only as much wine as cheese will absorb. Next add a splash of Kirsch and all the spices to taste. You may increase and decrease the amount of the spices on your taste.

Now enjoy by spearing the cut bread with a skewer and dip into the Fondue pot.


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