Holidays 2009

Pam, Emma, Hanna and Lee

Pam, Emma, Hanna and Lee

Pam and Lee finished up the Holiday 2009 program with some terrific assistance from Pam’s daughters, Hanna and Emma. They had prepared and practiced their own recipe segments and taping went off without a hitch, very professional, in fact. You can find the recipes here and you can watch the video here.

Our dishes included: Aunt Patty’s Beef Bombs, Curry Mango Dip, Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Meringue Ornaments, Peppermint Stick Cake Roll, and Spiced Nuts.

Holiday Party Treats

Holiday Party Treats

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7 thoughts on “Holidays 2009

  1. On Monday, Nov. 30, I watched your show on Grafton Cable. You made pecan bars/or squares. The sounded delicous, and I’d like to try them, but can’t find the recipe anywhere. Has it been posted yet?

    I enjoy your show, even though I seldom make anything, since I live alone and don’t bake as often as I’d like, but do love anything pecan.

    Thank you, Mary

  2. I was so nervous when I made the spiced nuts, I messed up, and my voice was crackily, but, hey. The final product came out great! Thanks Casey! P.S. Don’t miss it!!

  3. I am looking for your polish recipes that were shown on TV the last several weeks. Do you have these online that can be printed? I would appreciate it.
    Thank you

    P.S. I think your website is not very user-friendly.

  4. Hi Mary! The Pecan Pie Bars are what I think you are looking for, see the link from Casey. They are really good and easy to make. Always a hit to bring to a party or to give at the Holidays.

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