A Tribute To Julia

Pam and Lee were enthused about the movie, Julia and Julia, which made its debut this year (2009). It starred Meryl Streep and Amy Adams and was a delightful look into Julia Child’s past, told in a contemporary style. It’s based on a true story by Julie Powell about which she wrote a book: Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.

Seriously, if you haven’t seen the movie, go. Or rent the DVD, or buy the book, or whatever.

Castle RestaurantAnyway, back to Pam and Lee…they wanted to do something related to Julia Child having been inspired by the movie. They found out that the Nicas Family from the Castle Restaurant in Leicester, MA had been friends with Julia over the years and approached James Nicas about the possibility of doing an interview there for the show. What a gentleman and how generous a man he was! He not only agreed to the interview, but offered to do a couple recipes for us. We were treated as honored guests. You can see this in the first half of Part 1 of the video we made. James had two of his apprentice chefs come in on a day off and we spent several hours taping and tasting. It was great fun. Oh, and it was delicious. Thank you James!

You can ask Pam and Lee about how Julia Child influenced them and helped make them better cooks. (Heck, even I liked watching her shows and I’m just the cameraman.)

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